Memorable Meetings in A Mountain Setting

If this is work who needs a vacation?

The line between work and play gets a little blurry in Sun Valley. That tends to happen when you combine a business gathering with long sunny days, incomparable beauty and the impeccable service of America’s original destination resort.

With a newly remodeled and grand Convention Center and nearly one million acres of mountain ambiance, Sun Valley has all the room you need to make your next meeting or convention your best ever.

Sales Team


For 70 years, groups from across the globe have traveled to this quaint Idaho village for an experience unlike any other. And whether you’re planning a family gathering or a national conference, you’re entitled to Sun Valley’s world-renowned event services. Everything you need, from audio/visual equipment to horse-drawn sleigh rides can all be arranged through your personal sales executive.

Our sales executives and their contact information are listed below. For immediate attention, please call 1-800-322-3432.


Director of Sales: Brent Gillette
208-622-2100: fax


Winter Sales Executive: Bert Witsil
208-622-2100: fax


Director of Marketing & PR: Jack Sibbach
208-622-2100: fax


Meeting Space Planner:
Kate Wood


Sales Executive: Tayt Knowles
208-622-2100: fax


Sales Executive: Mark Gillespie
208-622-2100: fax


Sales Executive: Therese Magner
208-622-2100: fax


Ski Groups Info

Dear Group Leader,

We here in the Sun Valley Group Sales office would like to personally invite you and your club to experience all that Sun Valley has to offer on your next ski trip! We are proud to offer you great group discounts on lift tickets, lodging, special events and all of the great activities that make Sun Valley so special. Our professional sales staff is dedicated to helping you plan and organize a memorable experience for you and your group here in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains of Central Idaho, making the process as easy and streamlined for you as possible.

Please find below information regarding Sun Valley Group Lodging and Lift Ticket packages, our famous Theme Week activity packages and much more.

2013-2014 Winter Group Policies 

2013-2014 Winter Early/Late Lodging Rates 

2013-2014 Theme Weeks 


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Winter Welcome Video


For any inquiries regarding your stay in Sun Valley, Idaho please contact Winter Group Sales Executive Bert Witsil.

Winter Sales Executive: Bert Witsil
208-622-2100: fax



We know why you should hold your next meeting or convention in Sun Valley. After all, we live here. But, don’t take our word for it. See what others have said when asked their reaction to the questions we are asked most often.

1. What are the advantages of holding a meeting at a mountain resort in the summer? The drawbacks?

"The advantages include the multitude of opportunities to plan events utilizing the outdoors. Sun Valley has incredible outdoor venues which can be utilized for cocktail parties, dinners, etc. Their staff is well versed in meeting planning and maximizing the use of the facilities. The weather at a mountain resort provides beautiful days and nights without oppressive heat and humidity. Sun Valley offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. There were always things to do for those with divergent interests."

"While some mountain resorts have the drawback of too high an altitude, particularly for more senior members of a group, Sun Valley does not present that limitation."

2. Are mountain resorts better for certain types of groups than others? Which types?

"It is hard to imagine why any type of group would not want to experience a wonderful mountain resort like Sun Valley. However, as previously stated, I would be concerned about certain mountain resorts because of the health issues relating to them being in too high an altitude."

3. What are some of the off-site activities available at a summer mountain resort?

"Golf, tennis, hiking, fly fishing, river rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, 4-wheeling, horseback riding, ice skating, skeet and trap shooting, and swimming."

4. Since much of a mountain resort’s appeal centers around adventure activities, what is there to do for those not interested in adventure?

"Gallery tours, home tours, shopping, summer symphony, plays, craft fairs, great places to just sit and read a book, visit the Hemingway memorial, museums, such as Native American Culture, Lewis & Clark, the Ski Heritage Museum, and a wine auction."

5. What did your attendees enjoy the most about the event and/or the resort?

"Our members were universal in their praise of the Sun Valley Resort. They particularly enjoyed the unique international feel to the resort. Many of the staff members are from Europe, bringing a European feel to the resort. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive. The venues are beautiful and offer wonderful outdoor activities. For instance, the River Run Lodge sits at the base of a ski run. Attendees strolled across the bridge to the lodge where they looked down to find fly fisherman catching fish in the river under them. We also had fourteen paragliders jump off the top of the mountain and land at the base of the mountain where our cocktail party and dinner were held."

6. Are there special team-building opportunities available at a mountain resort?

"While our group did not utilize any specific “team-building opportunities,” there are undoubtedly opportunities to do so if a group wanted to pursue that option."

7. What have you learned about holding meetings at a mountain resort that you wish you had known the first time?

"Be sure to reserve a sufficient number of large rooms and condominiums, as these meetings tend to be very popular with families who need the extra room."

8. What are some unique hospitality or cultural offerings at mountain resort communities in the summer?

"See nos. 4 and 5 above."

9. What other advice would you give planners about holding a meeting at a mountain resort?

"Establish a relationship with someone at the resort whom you trust (Brent Gillette at Sun Valley is fantastic). Utilize their expertise of the local market to select florists, party planners, etc. Also, utilize all outside venues available. Resort guests love to be outside in the summer months particularly when you have such beautiful surroundings."

10. Do you have other thoughts about holding a meeting at a mountain resort?

"We are very selective about the mountain resorts we choose as an organization because of altitude issues and wanting to appeal to our broad-base membership. Resorts such as Sun Valley do not pose any threat in that regard. Otherwise, pay extra attention to planning well in advance so members can make appropriate plans. Many mountain resorts have limited availability. Sun Valley has air service directly into Hailey just a short distance away. It is also readily accessible through Boise. Even if you are driving several hours from Boise, it is worth the drive."

"I can’t say enough about the facilities and staff at Sun Valley. In fact, our group was so impressed that we have already rebooked for another meeting at the resort."