Mountain Safety

Here you will be provided with information to help you enjoy your Sun Valley Resort vacation safely while maximizing fun on the mountain. Remember to always ski and ride within your ability and be aware of the skiers/riders around you. To find out more about ways to stay safe click on any of the tabs below.

Uphill Access Policy

Sun Valley's uphill travel policy, approved by the U.S. Forest Service, allows access for uphill travelers outside of operational hours. Uphill travel within ski area boundaries poses significant safety concerns for uphill and downhill recreationists, ski area operators and staff. Sun Valley's policy reflects our commitment to seek a balance between mitigating safety concerns of uphill travel as a recreational use within the downhill ski area/Special Use Permit area and the resort has been granted a Special Use Permit from the U.S. Forest Service.

Sun Valley continues to work closely with the Ketchum Ranger District, Sawtooth National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management, local organizations, to build awareness and provide public education regarding uphill travel and recreational uses. Our Goal is to find a reasonable balance between and among user groups who share a common interest in recreating within the Sun Valley Special Permit area in a safe, non-confrontational and sustainable manner.

Bald Mountain Policy – During the Season & During Operating Hours

Uphill travel by the way of foot, snowshoes, trax, or skis is not allowed between the Hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Users will need to be descending at 9:00 am.  Exclusions may apply for unusual circumstances. These exclusions may include but not limited to special events, maintenance, etc.

Bald Mountain Policy – Pre-Post Season

Safety considerations, maintenance or operational requirements, grooming operations, snowmaking operations, special events, avalanche hazard mitigation work, wildlife or resource considerations, or construction, may cause public risk management issues to exist.  To protect the public from potential hazards that may exist from time to time, prior to the opening of the ski season, the ski area is authorized, with Forest Service pre-approval, to close areas subject to those potential hazards and to post signs at uphill access points closing those areas.

Bald Mountain Policy – During the Season & Outside Operating Hours

Outside of operating hours, there may be circumstances in which the ski area may eliminate uphill traffic or limit or restrict uphill traffic by designating specific times or days or routes that will be available for such use.  These circumstances might include safety, maintenance or operational needs, grooming operations, snowmaking operations, special events, avalanche hazard mitigation work, wildlife or resource considerations, or others.  The ski area is authorized, with Forest Service pre-approval, to perform any or all of these actions as deemed reasonable and necessary by the ski area.

All participants within the permit boundary are considered skiers and are subject to Idaho Statute title 6 chapter 11, 6-1106 Duties of Skiers.

Uphill Travel Protocol


1. Yield and stay clear of ski area machinery, i.e. grooming machines, snowmobiles and snowmaking equipment. When encountering winch operations, (lights and signs) re-routing is required.

2. Mountain users should use reflective clothing, Headlamps and blinking lights when possible. Animals should have blinking lights when possible.

3.  Adhere to Trail Closures. Blaine County Ordinance 86-4 states; No skier except a member of the ski patrol or employee of the Forest Service, Sheriff or ski area operator in the course of his employment, shall enter or go upon any closed area.

4. Dogs are preferred to be left at home for their safety. Should they participate, they should be on a leash through the private land at the base and on a leash or under control of voice command at all times while on Forest land.  Please have the courtesy to pick up after your pets. Pet waste stations are available on private land at the base.

5. If you pack it in, please pack it out. Help us keep the Forest clean for future users.