Sunrise Debuting Winter 20/21

Sunrise Debuting Winter 2020-2021

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Tucked away in a quiet nook on Bald Mountain’s southern flank, a hidden wonderland of skier’s delight awaits. Glide peacefully down a gentle, wide open, sun drenched bowl. Dance through perfectly spaced trees. Jam down steep chutes. Increasing Bald Mountain’s lift serviced terrain by nearly 20%, the first major terrain expansion in over two decades on Baldy will open for skiers and snowboarders next winter (20-21).

Demonstrating their deep commitment to creating the best possible ski experience and maintaining the natural legacy of such a historic and world class mountain Resort, the Holding family has steadfastly pushed this expansion project forward.

Slated for completion in the Fall of 2020, a new high-speed detachable quad by Doppelmayr will replace the resort’s oldest chairlift, Cold Springs (#4). The expansion, adding 380-plus acres of exciting new terrain, includes lengthening the gradually pitched and oh so smooth Lower Broadway Run, adding 25 highly efficient snowmaking guns and opening up some of Baldy’s best terrain, including a great wide open bowl and extensive tree skiing. 

The new lift, rising 1582 vertical feet in just over a mile, will provide a seamless transition from the base of Lower Broadway Run to the Roundhouse Restaurant, Roundhouse Express Gondola and Christmas chairlift (#3).
Accessed via Seattle Ridge, the expanded terrain adds some exciting expert terrain. Long known by tight lipped Sun Valley locals for its secret powder stashes, rock drops, steep chutes and epic corn skiing, the increased lift access and improved bike trail further establishes Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain as a crown jewel of destination ski resorts and a must visit for every passionate snow rider.   

The best way to enjoy this great expansion this upcoming winter is to purchase a season pass. 

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    The ski area within a ski area. A special place to glide down a wide-open bowl, navigate through trees, and descend deep chutes. The Bald Mountain Expansion will increase the skiable terrain by over 380 acres at Sun Valley Resort.

    When the project is complete, in the Fall of 2020, it will include replacing the resort’s oldest chairlift, Cold Springs (#4), with a new high-speed detachable quad lift, providing a seamless transition to The Roundhouse restaurant, the Roundhouse Express Gondola, and Christmas (#3) chairlift. For those who prefer groomers and gradual pitches, the Lower Broadway run is being extended, lined with 25 highly-efficient snowmaking guns.

    Construction began in 2018 with the re-routing and redevelopment of the Cold Springs mountain bike trail, grading of the Lower Broadway run, tree removal, and excavation work. The project continued in Summer 2019 with 25 highly-efficient snowmaking guns placed along the extended Lower Broadway run, glading, and terrain enhancement. The installation of utilities and the new chairlift will happen in Summer 2020, with the increased terrain, high-speed detachable quad lift, and additional snowmaking ready for Winter 2020-21.


    • The location is in both USFS and BLM areas.
    • The project is completely within the current Sun Valley Ski Area Special Use Permit.



    Replacement of the Cold Springs (#4) Chairlift

    The main purpose of the project is the replacement of the Cold Springs (#4) chairlift, the oldest lift still operating at the resort.

    • The new chairlift will be a high-speed detachable quad that will have a vertical rise of 1582’ and be 5535’ long.
    • It will be seamless ride from the new lower lift terminal to The Roundhouse.
    • Lower Broadway (similar width and gradient as existing ski run) will be extended 4,200.’

    Increased Skiable Terrain

    • Skiable acreage within the Sun Valley Resort boundary will increase from 2,054 acres to 2,434 acres (380 acres) when the project is done.
    • Access from the top of Seattle Ridge, where skiers and riders may descend into "Turkey Bowl," then proceed north for access to extensive tree skiing.

    Increased Snowmaking

    • Increased snowmaking with 25 highly-efficient snowmaking guns extending down Lower Broadway to the base of the new lift lower terminal.

    Rerouted and Improved Cold Springs Mountain Bike Trail

    • The Cold Springs mountain bike trail was rerouted and improved with more singletrack and shaded riding.


    Photos and Video highlighting the progression


    October 30

    Introducing Sunrise! Ski the 380 acres of new terrain this winter!



    October 16

    What is cable splicing you ask? Check out the video to learn about this crucial step in building the new lift.

    September 16

    Seats waiting to be put on the new chairflift! 

    August 24

    The bird is back and hauling loads. Another massive day of progress as a helicopter transports towers, crossbeams and lift sheaves. 

    August 3rd

    A helicopter is used to transport and dump loads of wet concrete into the foundations of the new lift towers

    July 23

    The upper terminal profile takes shape with Trail Creek and the Pioneer Mountains in the distance

    July 15

    The Upper Terminal is taking shape! The drive train prepares to be lifted onto the Upper Terminal Platform

    July 9

    The Lower Terminal is taking shape in the bottom of Cold Springs Canyon

    June 30


    The columns for the upper terminal are being constructed at The Round House 

    June 22



    June 9



    June 1

    Spider Hoe digs out settings for new lift towers. 

     New lift towers are assembled at the base of Cold Springs canyon!

    The pit for the new bottom terminal. 

     New Lift bases are assembled at the base of Cold Springs canyon!


    Snowmaking installation from Summer 2019