Brunch, Glorious Brunch!

I love brunch. A little breakfast. A little lunch. A little savory. A little sweet. A little coffee. A little Mimosa. No matter what mood you’re in, you will always find what you’re in the mood for at a bountiful brunch.  If I had to choose only one type of meal to enjoy for the rest of my life, brunch it would be.

The charming Konditorei is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing and delicious Sunday brunch

On Sunday, my family grabbed a cozy window table near the crackling fire at the Konditorei Restaurant in the Sun Valley Village and tucked into the brunch menu that will definitely keep us coming back. I am kind of a brunch expert and this special meal at the Konditorei exceeded even my high expectations.

We were greeted by the always-friendly and professional Mara who quickly brought steaming hot coffee brewed from a proprietary blend, rich and satisfying, and thick hot chocolate for the children. Freshly squeezed Sun Valley Juice Company orange juice came next, theirs straight up, mine with some festive Champagne bubbles.

The only hiccup in the process was trying to decide what to order. A Belgian waffle?  Steak and Eggs? Crepes? A one-of-a-kind Breakfast Schnitzel?  Duck confit hash? And that’s only on the breakfast side of brunch. More in the mood for lunch? Maybe a Croque Madame? Quiche? Roasted sockeye salmon potato salad? Decisions, decisions.

It’s excellent service with a smile from the professional, knowledgeable Konditorei staff

After much thought and a full cup of coffee (it was a long holiday weekend after all and we weren’t in a hurry), we decided on crepes with Nutella whip cream and strawberries, two orders of traditional Eggs Benedict and a Limelight omelet with spinach, mushrooms and Swiss cheese. Our meals arrived quickly, piping hot and beautifully plated. My omelet was, for lack of a better word, perfect -- full of flavor with just enough cheese but not too much and very fresh vegetables. It was served with potatoes and a from-scratch English muffin accompanied by fresh butter and homemade preserves. The coffee and cocoa kept coming and the conversation kept flowing.

The Konditorei Sunday Brunch is also gaining fame for its Bloody Mary bar. House-made mix in a choice of mild, spicy or extra spicy is combined with the vodka of your choice. Garnished with pickled asparagus, jalapeno stuffed olives, pickled green beans or cocktail onions, it warms you to your toes on a chilly winter’s day. Also on offer are Mimosas mixed with fresh orange or grapefruit juice.

From sweet to savory, every brunch offering is prepared with thought and care that you can taste

Don’t forget to leave a little room for something sweet at the end of your meal. The Konditorei is rightfully famous for its Austrian-inspired pastries and the choices are too numerous to name and change daily. We shared a brand new offering from the chef, a flourless chocolate cookie with walnuts that tasted magically meringue-ey.  Satisfied and happy, the rest of our Sunday was just a little cheerier.

Brunch at the Lodge Dining Room was a tradition for our family for years. It was a place to celebrate birthdays, a great report card, or just because. When the Lodge closed for exciting renovations and the announcement that the Lodge Dining Room would be transformed into a 20,000-square-foot luxury spa (a change I am thrilled about, no matter how much I loved the Lodge Dining Room), there was a void, until now, in our brunch going. We are all very happy that the Konditorei will serve brunch on Sundays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., meeting our skiing, cross country, skating and other weekend activities schedule. Go early. Go late. Just go.

Its all smiles at a Konditorei brunch, especially when hot chocolate and whipped cream are involved

Reservations are not necessary to enjoy brunch at the Konditorei but please call 208.622.2235 for more information. Bring your friends and family in for brunch at the Konditorei -- it is inviting and delicious. Go get your brunch on!


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