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There's no doubt about it, Americans love coffee. Heck, over 80% of adults in the U.S. drink coffee, kicking back nearly 600 million cups a year.

And we not only drink a lot of it, according to recent surveys by the National Coffee Association, we're getting more picky about the quality in our cups. More than a third of us now prefer gourmet coffees and nearly 20% have switched to espresso-based beverages—and both numbers are on the rise.

It's a trend that Matt Robinson, the restaurant manager at the Konditorei in Sun Valley, and Liz Roquet of Lizzy's Fresh Coffee in Ketchum, are well aware of. It's why the two have teamed up to create three unique, private label roasts for the historic and authentic Austrian-style restaurant.

"Teaming up with a local roaster and crafting a coffee properly, with care and attention, makes a big difference that people notice and appreciate. So we decided to step it up a notch," Matt said.

While the Wood River Valley is now home to several coffee roasters, Robinson and the crew at the Konditorei decided to team up with Lizzy's because they felt she had the best product, but it turns out fate may have played a roll as well.

It turns out that Lizzy's dad, Fred Pendl, was the original konditor, or baker, for the Konditorei when it first opened on January 9th, 1967. So nearly a half-century later, the same type of pastries Fred first made for the Konditorei are now being served with coffee his daughter roasts each week especially for the Tyrolean-inspired bakery and restaurant.

The Konditorei offers three unique roasts, all certified organic. The Boulder Blend is a dark roast of Sumatran and Honduras beans and is used for drip coffee and espresso-beverages. The Sawtooth Single Origin is made with beans from Honduras and the Pioneer Decaf is a rather strong brew of African and Central American beans that is only served as an Americano or via a French press.

"Lizzy's has a lot of loyal followers," Maria Fadden, the Konditorei's lead barista, explained. "Our coffee is always roasted within the week and we only grind as much as we need for a serving or in the morning for the drip coffees. So you'll never have a coffee here that tastes stale or bitter."

Since the Konditorei is rather famous for their pastries and baked goods, I asked Maria to suggest some ideal coffee and sweet treat pairings.

For the dark roast fans, she recommends pairing the Boulder Blend or Pioneer Decaf with their authentic German-style apple strudel or the Vienna-style super rich Sacher torte

For fans of milder coffee, a cup of Sawtooth Single Origin or a latte marries well with their Linzer torte or cookie, or their chocolate croissant.

Most of the pastries, along with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce, are homemade at the Konditorei and they even offer some gluten-free treats like coconut macaroons and a chocolate flourless torte for those with dietary restrictions.

Regardless of your coffee preference or sweet tooth palate, Maria is certain that the Konditorei has a hot beverage and sweet treat combination to make you happy.

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