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Life’s a Picnic at the Sun Valley Music Festival

A Guide to Picinicing at Sun Valley Music Festival 

Written By Madeline Garfolo

Photos By Cooper Morton

As Fall approaches, we look for ways to squeeze every last drop of summer out of these long languid days of August. The Sun Valley Music Festival, running semi-nightly this month, is the perfect way to make the sun-kissed memories you’ll think back to when wintertime rolls around again. The days may be getting shorter, but it never feels that way atop a blanket on the grass with the sound of strings drifting up toward the mountain peaks, and pink sky going on for miles.

Enjoy the Ride
If you’re the adventurous type, travel light and take your bike. The way out to Sun Valley Resort from downtown Ketchum is connected by a scenic bike path that is worth the cruise. Stop by Leroy’s stand in the town square for a fresh-squeezed lemonade to hydrate before the ride, and make a pitstop at Sun Valley Stables on Dollar Road to visit the horses and to take some photos before hitting the pavilion green.

Gear Up
Break out the blanket and forget the red plastic cups, this is a classy affair. The festival is a BYO-friendly event, so you can elevate the experience by packing your favorite beverages — a crisp rosé or an exciting microbrew would make great choices. Classical music demands more complex accompaniments after all, but don’t forget to bring a bottle opener or corkscrew! If you do forget, never fear, the bar tent on the grounds can set you up with something by the glass. Next up, change your picnic game with a waterproof base placed beneath the blanket — like a yoga mat, camping sleeping pad, or small tarp. It will keep dew at bay, because the grass always looks drier than it really is. 

The Spread
No picnic would be complete without good food, and that’s where this pro-move comes in. Skip using all the Tupperware you own to put together a homemade feast, and call in a to-go order at The Village Station instead. Their pizzas are delicious hot or at room temperature, portable, and small enough to be shared between two people. You’ll wow people when you unveil their wild mushroom pie complete with truffle and fresh arugula, or their margherita with roasted roma tomatoes and puddles of soft mozzarella. Top it off with some classic sweets from the Sun Valley Chocolate Company a few doors down, and you’ll have a picnic that is as delicious as it is effortless.

The Schedule
Bring your blanket, and come soak up the rest of summer with us!
2019 Sun Valley Music Festival Schedule

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