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An Epic Season at the Terrain Park

How do you describe a winter like this one?

“It’s been an epic season,” is what Nate Sheehan said, sharing as sentiment felt by everyone lucky enough to ski or snowboard Sun Valley this season.

And with spring steaming its way towards Baldy and Dollar, things are only going to get better. That’s why we checked in with Nate, the Terrain Park Manager for Sun Valley, to find out how this big winter is going and what we can expect for the sunny second half. His answer was to expect more of the same awesomeness.

“We’re set up really well right now. All the snow has been a challenge, but it gives us some new options, too,” Nate said, from his office at Carol’s Dollar Mountain Lodge. “It’s a little bit easier to build stuff this season and we’ve been able to go a little bigger and build rails in places you don’t usually see.”

To help you make the most of the rest of this epically big season, here’s a rundown of what’s happening at the Dollar Mountain Terrain Park scene.

Weekly Features
Not ones to rest on their impressive laurels, Nate and his well-respected team have the goal of mixing and moving around features every week. This is very popular with skiers and boarders as it keeps things interesting and challenging. It also allows regular riders to constantly improve their skills and find fresh lines every week. The variety can be scene throughout the terrain park, from the easier courses on Quarter Dollar to the medium and big courses.

“We try to change things up a bit, “ Nate said. “ We want to keep things fresh.”

Cross Course
Utilizing the natural flow of the terrain, the Cross Course is favorite spot for families. The course starts at First Timers Lane off of Half Dollar and follows a gulley through six berms and eight rollers.

“It’s a blast and just about any ability can enjoy it,” Nate said.

Once again Sun Valley is proud to be home to one to of the few true superpipes in the country. The 22’ pipe is riding well despite the constant onslaught of snowstorms. Mikey Burkett cuts it five times per week to keep in great shape. This is Mikey’s rookie year performing the artwork of cutting the super pipe and the reports have been stellar.

“It’s been really fun and riding great,” Nate said. “We’re super proud of Mikey.”

The medium course on Dollar has hosted a couple national events already this season and offers combinations of six jibs, three jumps and a hip. With Big Air now part of the next Winter Olympics, the jumps and park have become more and more popular with lots more people doing remarkable things on Dollar.

“It’s unreal what they’re doing these days,” said Nate, a former pro snowboarder and X Games contestant himself. “There are a lot of talented people around here.”

Rail Jam
On March 11th, Dollar Mountain will host the annual Rail Jam. The event is free and open to two categories: 13 and under; 14 and over. Sponsored by Smith, CandyGrind, Skullcandy and The Board Bin, the Rail Jam is fun for contestants and spectators alike. “It’s a really fun event. We’re working on the rail layout already. It should be really cool and very unique,” Nate said. The US Ski Team Freestyle/Freeskiing Junior Nationals will also be held at Dollar from March 13-19th. Both events will be easy to watch from the deck at Dollar.

“That’s what’s really nice about Dollar. It’s right here. It’s not far from town and its very spectator friendly. You can have a beer and enjoy it. It’s great,” Nate said, sharing another idea—like describing the season so far as “epic”—that no one will argue with.


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