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Think Outside the Box with GoPro

Everyone loves surprises and there is a big one coming to Sun Valley! You may already have seen the huge black container plastered with GoPro logos around town and you will be seeing much more of it throughout the coming ski and riding season. Sun Valley is one of four resorts chosen by the camera giant to be a part of their “Out of the Box” campaign.  The company calls this “a resort competition like no other” and we would have to agree.

The premise is simple, but oh-so-intriguing. Inside the enormous containers are raw materials that will be used to build terrain park features once the snow begins to fall. No one, save those who packed the crates, actually knows what’s in there. On a designated day in early November, all four resorts will simultaneously open their containers, reveal what is inside and begin plotting how it will all be constructed on Dollar Mountain.

Perhaps you’ve seen the top secret GoPro container around town. Soon it will be opened, revealing the raw materials for creative terrain park features, all coming to Dollar this winter.

According to GoPro, “Out Of The Box is a season-long activation that challenges the staff at four resorts to utilize identical cargo containers filled with raw materials to create the most unique park set-up possible.”

Sun Valley’s Marketing Manager Mike Fitzpatrick said, “opening the box is going to be a huge surprise for everyone. We know there is probably steel and wood inside, but we don’t know much more than that. It is going to be really exciting to actually crack it open and start planning the most amazing features with the materials. We are counting on all our guests to get out their GoPros and document what is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience.”

The terrain park geniuses on Dollar will use the raw materials sent by GoPro to create some of the most creative features you have ever ridden.

The four selected resorts – Sun Valley, Park City, Northstar and Bear Mountain, took delivery of the shipping container this fall and Sun Valley’s has found a temporary home at the base of River Run. But it won’t be there long.  On the designated day in November (check back to this blog for details), representatives will unveil what lies within and get to plotting and planning. It’s like Christmas morning on a giant scale!

The challenge, to create the most creative, fun, and photo worthy set-up possible with the raw materials, will then judged in three ways over the course of the winter months.  The three competition categories that will be judged by GoPro and Snow Park Technologies are: Best Overall Activation by Resort, Best Resort Edit, and #gopropark Instagram contest. There are cash awards in each category. For the Instagram contest, a guest at each participating resort will win both $1,000 and a season pass for their winning entry. That’s a pretty good prize for a fun day on a mountain, isn’t it?

No one except for the people who packed the containers know what’s in them, but this rendering from the camera giant shows the types of materials that Sun Valley may find when they open the container in a few weeks.

The resort expects the features to be open January 15, 2016, and this is when the contest begins. It wraps up March 13, 2016. Right now, we can all only guess what is stacked in that big black box and what will happen when it all comes Out Of The Box.

Ready, set, build, shred, record!

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