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Winter is Coming: A SnowSports Program Rundown

The leaves have begun to fall. They light up the streets and mountains like slow-fading fireworks.  The tops of the highest peaks have begun to be frosted like cupcakes in honor of the upcoming winter.

The site of these snow-topped mountains gets skiers and snowboarders as giddy as school kids on Christmas Eve. Winter is coming! It will be here before you know it.

To help get you ready and to stoke the fires of your alpine passions, here’s a rundown of Sun Valley’s SnowSports Specialty programs. They offer a variety of non-competitive ski and snowboard clinics for all ages. From toddlers to retirees, SnowSports programs are designed to promote skills development, fun and friendship. If you’re a first time skier or snowboarder, or you want to take your bumps, powder or gates to a higher level—and meet some cool, like-minded people—Sun Valley has got the right package for you!

(All SnowSports Specialty programs except for Free Ride, Little Spuds and regular lessons begin just after New Years, in early January 2017. Check here for more details.)

Mountain Masters
The popular “Masters” sessions run for 9 weeks, beginning in early January. The sessions run Monday through Thursdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm. The program will be focusing on improving all-mountain skiing for intermediate to advanced skiers, from bumps to gates, from power to corduroy to dust on crust conditions.

One of the coolest aspects of this popular program is that you can join for one day, one week or the whole season. The legendary instructors of Sun Valley will provide you with all the tools to you need to master everything Baldy can throw at you!

Founded in 2010, by former collegiate and U.S. Development Team skier, Danielle Carruth, the DIVAS program is exceptionally popular. The two and half hour sessions are lead by some of the best Big Mountain female athletes in Sun Valley—which has a rich history of such women. Designed and run by women, for women, the DIVAS program not only improves skills, but is beloved for being fun and festive. Heck the program’s name makes fun of the area’s Austrian heritage. DIVAS stands for "Die Incredible Vimin Alpine Shredders." The program is especially popular with working women and mothers who enjoying improving their skills while getting some great exercise and getting to enjoy a little “Me Time” on the mountain. The two-month long program runs once a week for two and half-hour sessions and is designed for intermediate to advanced women for an all mountain experience

While the women have DIVAS, the men have ARCS. Founded last season, the weekly ski session for men runs for eight weeks and is lead by members of Sun Valley’s world-renown ski school. The all-mountain program is designed for the upper level recreational Baldy skier.

Silver Turns
Designed for skiers 50+, this program not only improves skills but it’s also known for being fun and social. It is led by Senior Instructors and focuses on using low impact techniques and maneuvers on modern equipment. Silver Turns promises to not only improve your skills, but to also make skiing easier and more enjoyable. It runs for two-hour sessions once a week beginning the first week in January.

Free Ride
The extremely popular Free Ride program is open for ages 6 through high school and focuses on developing skills that make the sport fun. Free Ride sessions run for three and a half hours on Saturdays from December through March. Discount packages with student season pass and payment program are available.

Spuds Alpine & Snowboard
Designed for kindergarten (6) thru 6th grade students, the Spuds programs are held on both Baldy and Dollar Mountains and are perfect for skiers and snowboarders of any ability. From first timers to 100th timers, the Spuds programs improve skills and self-confidence.
Spuds sessions run on Saturdays and Sundays, either mornings or afternoons, for three consecutive weekends. Discount packages with lift tickets or season passes are available.

Little Spuds
Designed for young skier from 2 years old to kindergarten age (5), the Little Spuds is the perfect way to introduce your little shredder to alpine sports. The sessions are held at Dollar Mountain and run for two-hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for two weeks. Children must be potty trained and want to learn. Come ready to ski with boots, skis, goggles and helmets. Little Spuds also receive a free Dollar children’s pass!


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