Fun (& Free!) Summer Activities

August in Sun Valley can be a frenzy of activity. With the Sun Valley Summer Symphony and concerts filling the mountains with amazing music and outdoor pursuits of every imaginable variety available out your door, the fun can be nonstop sunrise until well after sunset. This year, with the addition of total solar eclipse mania eclipsing nearly every thought in the Wood River Valley, many are looking to also enjoy some simple (and free) summer pleasures. Now seems like the perfect time to take a little breather!

Sundays are for kite flying in Sun Valley, courtesy of the team at Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports. Bring your kite and find your inner child!

For the remainder of the dog days of summer, here are some great ways to unwind, find your inner child, and just enjoy the some of the prettiest days of the year:

What:  “Go Fly a Kite”
When: Sundays through early September, 2 – 3 p.m.
Where: The Pavilion Lawn in Sun Valley
Why: Flying kites is just plain fun
Who: All ages and abilities are welcome
Details:  Bring your own kite to this vast lawn, start running, and send it soaring! The pros from Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports will be on hand to help and cheer you on. Don’t have a kite? No worries. Pete Lane’s in the Sun Valley Village has transformed its second floor to an Outdoor Gifts and Games center that sells kites in addition to all kinds of other super fun games and activities for the whole family. Sam Cochran of Pete Lane’s explained, “We wanted to create a place where people could find summertime favorites, from magnetic darts, to scooters, to slack and Ninja lines, and corn toss. There is absolutely nothing that plugs in or has a screen in the department! It’s just full of ways for people to enjoy time together outside.” If my teenagers are any indication, Sam is onto something. While recently visiting the Outdoor Gifts and Games floor, they swung in hammocks, tested the scooters, and had a rousing game of darts. An inflatable croquet set is on their wish list, as is a kite because it’s just fun to run around and fly a kite. Come check it out and get inspired. 

The second floor at Pete Lane’s in the Village has been converted to HQ for all sorts of unplugged, old-fashioned summer fun

What: “Yoga on the Mountain”
When: Saturdays through early September, 9 – 11 a.m.
Where: The base of River Run at Bald Mountain
Why: Sun salutations are definitely more fun when actually performed in the sunshine. An amazing view and amazing people just add to the experience. Roll out your mat and get in the flow when top teachers Abby Siebert and Katherine Pleasants help you start your weekend in the best possible way. Abby leads Sunrise Flow at 8:45 a.m. and Katherine offers a Gentle Flow class at 10:30 a.m. If attendance is any indication, people love these classes and are inspired by the sublime surroundings, cool morning mountain air, and welcoming atmosphere.
Details: Yogis are encouraged to bring their own mats, sunglasses, and water. All levels are welcome. Yoga on the Mountain is hosted by Brass Ranch and Kari Traa. Get your Om on!

Yoga on the Mountain is a great way to start your Saturday complete with beautiful views and great teachers. Namaste

What: Music at the Sun Valley Village
When: Saturdays, 2 – 5 p.m. through early September
Where: The terrace of the Boiler Room
Why: There is no better way to while away a few afternoon summer hours than by enjoying live music outdoors. Pull up a chair, sip a delicious latte (or Bloody Mary) from the Konditorei next door and relax. It is a cool, shady spot right in the heart of the Village and a great break from active activities or an afternoon of shopping.  On the 12th, local favorite the Kim Stocking Band had the crowd tapping their toes and Michaela French will headline on August 19.

Popular acts like the Kim Stocking Band entertain for free on summer Saturdays in the heart of the Sun Valley Village

What: Learn to Fly Cast
When: Tuesdays through Saturdays, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Where: The Sun Valley Inn Lawn (roughly between the Inn and the tennis courts)
Why: Sun Valley is surrounded by some of the finest and most famous trout streams in the world and fly fishing is a fantastic way to best enjoy our natural surroundings. The only catch? Many people think fly fishing is super complicated and difficult. The wonderful guides and teachers from Silver Creek Outfitters want to dispel this notion and offer casting clinics that will help every would-be angler have a great introduction to this lifetime sport. Soon, you could be feeling the tug of a mountain rainbow trout on your fly as you stand thigh-deep in crystal clear rivers. You will quickly learn why Sun Valley is famous for its fly fishing and feel confident heading out.
Details: No experience, registration, or equipment is necessary to try your hand at casting. Just show up! Please contact Silver Creek Outfitters at (208) 726-5282 for more details.

Learn the art of fly casting with great teachers from Silver Creek Outfitters. You will be ready for the river, and a can’t-be-missed Sun Valley experience, in no time

All of these activities are totally free and totally fun. Take a break from the go,go,go, and enjoy any or all of them before summer slides into autumn.


Summer fun is at its best when it is spontaneous, unplugged, and timeless as is evidence by even teenagers having a blast testing out the goods at Pete Lane’s Outdoor Gifts and Games Center

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