Cold Springs Canyon Project

Project Overview

The ski area within a ski area. A special place to glide down a wide-open bowl, navigate through trees, and descend deep chutes. The Cold Springs Canyon Project area will expand the skiable terrain by 380 acres at Sun Valley Resort.

When the project is complete, in the Fall of 2019, it will include replacing the resort’s oldest chairlift, Cold Springs (#4), with a new high-speed detachable lift, providing a seamless transition to The Roundhouse, the Roundhouse Express Gondola, and Christmas (#3) chairlift. For those who prefer groomers and gradual pitches, the Lower Broadway run is being extended 3,400 feet, lined with highly efficient snowmaking guns, all the way to the new Cold Springs lift lower terminal. Construction started this summer, with the re-routing and redevelopment of the Cold Springs mountain bike trail.


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Replacement of the Cold Springs (#4) Chairlift

The main purpose of the project is the replacement of the Cold Springs (#4) chairlift, the oldest lift still operating at the resort.

Chairlift Replacement Overview

Increased Skiable Terrain

New Terrain Overview

Increased Snowmaking

Rerouted and Improved Cold Springs Mountain Bike Trail



Summer 2017

Summer 2018

Winter 2018-19

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Winter 2019-20


"Experience Cold Springs Canyon" Guided Tours

The process of the new Cold Springs Canyon Project on Bald Mountain, opening up 380 new acres of new terrain, is already underway! This winter, you can enjoy a preview of the area by Sun Valley'’'s professional mountain guides. They will be leading advanced skiers on a tour of the exciting new terrain. More information to come!

Symphony Season: Picnic Like a Pro


If you listen carefully, you can hear it. The glide of a rosined bow across violin strings, a resonant cello being tuned, and the deep boom of a timpani drum echoing through the mountains. The sounds are still faint – still off in the future – but they are getting louder. Why? It’s nearly one of the most wonderful times of the year -- Sun Valley Symphony Season! Free concerts from world-class musicians span three glorious weeks starting this year on July 29 with the In Focus Series. The highly anticipated