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Last Updated 4/19/2014 5:38:20 AM

Important Notice

PLEASE NOTE: The Lower River Run Side trails and lifts are closed for the season. Please access Baldy from the Warm Springs side of the mountain. MOUNTAIN RIDES SHUTTLE will run through 4/20 with parking lot shuttles between River Run Upper Parking Lot and Warms Springs Lodge
Sat-Sun: at 15+45 minutes past the hour. 8:45a-6:15p


Current Weather


37 °F,  NW   10  -  17  MPH


34 °F,  WNW   0  -  0  MPH

Current Forecast - Valley Floor

Saturday Night: Mostly Clear, Low 33

Sunday... Mostly clear, with a low around 33. West northwest wind around 10 mph.

Snow Conditions

New Snow as of 5:30 AM
Past 24 Hours:  
Past 48 Hours:  
Past 72 Hours:  
Since 5:30 AM:  
Snow Depths
Season Total:  
Surface Conditions

Machine Groomed


Special Messages

For updated info, get our new smartphone and tablet app for Android, iPhone, and iPads. For Android, go to "google play", or go to the Apple App Store and ask for Sun Valley Resort.


Grooming Map


Terrain Status

River Run

  Open Closed Groomed
Easy42nd Street   C  
EasyLower College   C  
EasyLower River Run   C  
EasyKinderspielplatz   C  
EasyOlympic Lane   C  
EasyOlympic Ridge   C  
EasyRidge O   G
EasyRoundhouse Lane O    
EasyRound House Slope   C  
EasyUpper College O   G
EasySunset Strip   C  
IntermediateCut Off O   G
IntermediateLower Blue Grouse O   G
  Open Closed Groomed
IntermediateLower Canyon   C  
IntermediateLower Olympic   C  
IntermediateMid River Run   C  
IntermediateUpper Blue Grouse O   G
IntermediateUpper Canyon   C  
DifficultExhibition   C  
DifficultLower Holiday   C  
DifficultMid Holiday   C  
DifficultOlympic   C  
DifficultSleeping Bear   C  
DifficultSunny Side Bowl   C  
DifficultUpper Holiday   C  
DifficultUpper River Run O    

Warm Springs

  Open Closed Groomed
EasyLower Greyhawk O   G
EasyLower Warm Springs O   G
EasyMid Warm Springs O   G
IntermediateBrick's Island O    
IntermediateFlying Squirrel O   G
IntermediateI-80 O   G
IntermediateLower Hemingway O   G
IntermediateLower Picabo's Street O   G
IntermediateMid Cozy O   G
IntermediateMid Greyhawk O   G
IntermediateMid Hemingway O   G
IntermediateRace Arena O    
IntermediateUpper Warm Springs O   G
  Open Closed Groomed
IntermediateWarm Springs Face O   G
IntermediateLower Limelight O   G
IntermediateLower Cozy O   G
DifficultArnold's Run O    
DifficultInternational O    
DifficultMid Limelight O   G
DifficultMid Picabo's Street O    
DifficultUpper Cozy O    
DifficultUpper Greyhawk O    
DifficultUpper Picabo's Street O    
DifficultUpper Hemingway O    
DifficultUpper Limelight O   G

Seattle Ridge

  Open Closed Groomed
EasyBroadway   C  
EasyByron's Park   C  
EasyChristin's Silver   C  
EasyGretchen's Gold   C  
EasyLeigh Lane   C  
  Open Closed Groomed
EasyLower Broadway   C  
EasyMuffy's Medals   C  
IntermediateHour Glass   C  
DifficultFire Trail   C  


  Open Closed Groomed
EasyFrench Connection   C  
EasyLilly Marlane   C  
IntermediateGraduate O   G
IntermediateLower Can-Can   C  
IntermediateLower Janss Pass   C  
IntermediateUnder Graduate   C  
  Open Closed Groomed
IntermediateUpper Can-Can   C  
IntermediateUpper French Dip   C  
IntermediateUpper Janss Pass O   G
DifficultAujus   C  
DifficultLower French Dip   C  


  Open Closed Groomed
EasyLookout Lane   C  
EasyBowl Lane   C  
EasyGun Tower Lane   C  
IntermediateBroadway Face   C  
IntermediateChristmas Bowl   C  
IntermediateChristmas Ridge O    
IntermediateMid Inhibition   C  
IntermediateMid Christmas Bowl   C  
IntermediateRidge S. Slopes   C  
IntermediateSigi's Bowl   C  
IntermediateWolverton   C  
  Open Closed Groomed
DifficultCold Springs Cut Off   C  
DifficultEaster Bowl   C  
DifficultKaitlyn's Bowl   C  
DifficultInhibition   C  
DifficultLefty Bowl   C  
DifficultLittle Easter Bowl   C  
DifficultLookout Bowl   C  
DifficultMayday Bowl   C  
DifficultLower Christmas Bowl   C  
DifficultRock Garden   C  

Adventure Trails

  Open Closed Groomed
EasyHuckleberry Bear   C  
IntermediateRed-Headed Woodpecker   C  
EasyRed-Tail Hawk   C  
IntermediateFoxy Forest   C  
  Open Closed Groomed
DifficultThe Flume   C  
IntermediateDeer-Hollow   C  
DifficultPine-Martin Plunge   C  

Lift Status

  Open Closed
Detatchable Quad#01 River Run   C
Detatchable Quad#03 Christmas O  
Fixed Triple#06 Sunnyside   C
Detatchable Quad#07 Greyhawk O  
Detatchable Quad#12 Seattle Ridge   C
Fixed Double#04 Cold Springs   C
Fixed Triple#14 Mayday   C
  Open Closed
Gondola#02 Roundhouse Express   C
Detatchable Quad#05 Lookout Express   C
Handle TowKinderspielplatz   C
Detatchable Quad#10 Challenger O  
Detatchable Quad#08 Frenchman's   C
Fixed Triple#11 Lookout   C

Other Announcements and Messages

This Week in Sun Valley

Check Out EASTER BRUNCH in the Sun Valley Limelight Room ... 9am to 2pm Easter Sunday, the 20th ... Great KIDS Menu and Offerings! Please Call (208) 622-2135

For other Sun Valley activities please visit

Race Information

Race information for the mountain can be found at the race desk in the Warm Springs Lodge or call the Race Desk at(208)622-6356 or call Sun Valley SnowSports at (208) 622-2289 .

Lift Operating Hours

Lower Baldy Lifts run from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.
Baldy Lifts to the top open at 9:00AM and close at 3:45PM.
for the last weekend of the season, this weekend, the Challenger, Christmas, and Greyhawk Chairs will be operating.