Women's Slalom


Women's Slalom

Women's Slalom

Watch the world's top skiers gather in Sun Valley for the 2025 Audi FIS Ski World Cup Women's Slalom Finals.


Slalom skiing is the most technical alpine discipline. Racers zip down a steep course, weaving between closely spaced gates at impressive speeds. The slalom course is the shortest, but packed with poles (55-75 for men, 40-60 for women) demanding quick turns and agility. Success hinges on a perfect mix of power, balance, and precise edging control through rapid-fire turns. It's a crowd favorite for its fast pace and technical mastery on display. 
Date | March 27

Race Schedule

Women's Slalom Run #1 | 10am
Women's Slalom Run #1 | 1pm

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Bald Mountain

Lower Greyhawk Base Viewing Area

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