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Last Updated: 2019-04-01 06:16:13

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Sun Valley Clubhouse
White Clouds - Diamondback Trails
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Thanks For a Great Season! Ski Ya Later...

The Sun Valley Nordic Center is now closed for sking and snowshoeing.

Pro Shop hours 10am-3pm

Please call 208.622.2250 for assistance. 





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Life’s a Picnic at the Sun Valley Music Festival


A Guide to Picinicing at Sun Valley Music Festival  Written By Madeline Garfolo Photos By Cooper Morton
As Fall approaches, we look for ways to squeeze every last drop of summer out of these long languid days of August. The Sun Valley Music Festival, running semi-nightly this month, is the perfect way to make the sun-kissed memories you’ll think back to when wintertime rolls around again. The days may be getting shorter, but it never feels that way atop a blanket on the grass with the sound of strings drifting up toward the mountain peaks, and pink sky going on for miles.