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Sun Valley Nordic Center

Last Updated: 2017-03-24 08:26:39

Current Conditions

0-0 Mph

Humidity: 62% · Barometer: 1014.6mb

7:31 am
7:55 pm
Sun Valley Clubhouse
White Clouds - Diamondback Trails
Trails Open
Kilometers Open
Beautiful Spring Skiing

Trail Report

Trail Last
Length Trail
 Putt Putt Today 0.8K    
 Practice Loop Today 1.6K    
 Leif's Loop Today 3K    
 Trail Creek Loop Today 5K    
 Dog Loop Today 3.3K      
 Boundary Loop Today 6K      
 Nemesis Today 1K    
 Hyndman View Today 0.8K    
 Proctor Loop Today 4K    

Absolutely no dogs, foot traffic, snowshoes or FAT bikes please - thank you.

 Sidewinder Today 2K    
 Glenn's Loop (Snowshoe) 1.7K  


 Bridges Trail (Snowshoe) 3.5K  
 White Clouds Loop (Snowshoe) 3K  


Special Messages

Sun Valley Nordic Center open daily. Rentals and lessons available. Call 208-622-2250 to book a lesson.

Hours of operation are 9 am-4:30pm. 

Closed for FAT bikes.  Please do not walk on the nordic trails - thank you.

Whiteclouds and Diamondback loops closed for the season due to construction.

Hemmingway snowshoe trail and Hemingway ski trail are also closed for deteriorating conditions.

Season passes are available at or at the Nordic Center.

Thank you for your patronage and we hope to ski you soon :)


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Sun Valley is Still a Big Part of the Ski Racing Scene


The history of ski racing in Sun Valley is as rich and as impressive as anyplace in the country. And the future is looking pretty bright, too. It is as if the slopes of Baldy and Dollar were blessed by the ski gods, Ullr and Skadi, to groom the fastest and strongest skiers and snowboarders to ever ride on snow. Sun Valley has been home to the best in the alpine sports scene since shortly after inventing the world’s first chairlift back in the 1930s. It’s a tradition that’s staying strong and is proudly on display as Sun Valley hosts events like last weekend...