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Sun Valley Nordic Center

Last Updated: 2019-03-23 06:49:28

Current Conditions

0-0 Mph

Humidity: 77% · Barometer: 904.5mb

7:34 am
7:53 pm
Sun Valley Clubhouse
White Clouds - Diamondback Trails
Trails Open
Kilometers Open
Ginzu Groomed

Trail Report

Trail Last
Length Trail
 Putt Putt 3/23 0.8K    
 Practice Loop 3/23 1.6K    
 Hemingway Trail 3/23 1.5K    
 Leif's Loop 3/23 3K    
 Trail Creek Loop 3/23 5K    
 White Cloud Loop 3/23 1.5K    
 Lower Diamondback 3/23 1K  



 Diamondback 3/23 5K  




 Dog Loop 3/22 3.3K        

Now open from WC Trailhead

 Boundary Loop 3/23 6K      



 Nemesis 3/23 1K    
 Hyndman View 3/23 0.8K      

Ski with care!

 Proctor Loop 3/23 4K    
 Sidewinder 3/23 2K    
 Hemingway (Snowshoe) 2/27 1.5K  

An Out and Back Trail to Hemingway Memorial

 Glenn's Loop (Snowshoe) 2/27 1.7K  
 Bridges Trail (Snowshoe) 2/27 3.5K  
 White Clouds Loop (Snowshoe) 3K

Closed for avalanche danger

Special Messages

With freeze/thaw, we are having difficulty getting a soild classic track 

The Sun Valley Nordic Center is open daily for the 2018/19 season.

Ski With Care, Hazards exist that arer not marked.

Pro & Rental Shops hours 9 am to 4:30 pm daily. 

Please call 208.622.2250 for assistance. 





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Spring Break in Sun Valley


Vacation in the mountains By Kitt Doucette  
Where are we going for Spring Break this year? It’s a great question to ask and an even better one to answer.
Sure, there are the traditional options like Hawaii and Mexico, but consider this; 
Do they have days on end of crystal clear, piercing blue, Idaho mountain skies? 
Can you ride corn snow so soft and smooth that it often gets compared to butter? 
What about soak in a hot pool at a historic lodge and sip on a cold local beer with beautiful snow covered peaks all around?