Kids & Youth

We want Sun Valley to be a magical place for everyone in your family. Our kids’ camps let children discover their own adventure within the safe environments of the Sun Valley Resort.  The Play School and the Adventure Camp give children of all ages the opportunity to experience age-appropriate activities throughout the Sun Valley Resort. Let the kids come on an adventure Sun Valley style!

Playschool / Adventure Camp Registration Form

Preschool Release

Kids Camp Release COVID-19 Extension


Come and experience our amazing winter program in the picturesque Sun Valley Resort. Your child will spend the day enjoying what Sun Valley has to offer: nature adventures, scavenger hunts, bowling, snow shoeing, ice skating, duck feeding, sledding, relay races just to name a few! 

*Times & activities are subject to change

Dates: Now Open


  Ages   Full Day (9 am - 4 pm)    Half Day (9 am - 1 pm)   Full Day (Peak Season) Half Day (Peak Season)
Little Tots    18-30 mo   $135 $95 $155 $105
Big Kids   30 mo -5 yrs   $110 $85 $155 $105

Daily Schedule

9:00am - 09:45am   Sign- in / free play

9:45am - 12:00pm   Preschool curriculum (school days)/ winter camp activities (school breaks)

12:00pm - 12:30pm   Lunch

12:30pm - 01:30pm   Quiet time/nap time

1:30pm - 02:00pm   Story time, getting ready for afternoon activity

2:00pm - 04:00pm   Afternoon activity/snack/sign-out

  • Preschool curriculum that supports cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of the children offered to all ages
  • Additional activities: Indoor /Outdoor play; Hiking/Nature Adventures; Feed the Ducks; Relay Races; Scavenger Hunts; Visits to the stables; Bowling; Kid’s Yoga/Zumba/Gymnastics; Kid’s science; Ice skating*; Putting golf; Biking; Gondola Rides, Wagon rides; Baking Classes; Royal & Superheroes Encounters; Train Rides; Arts& Crafts;etc.

Little Tots  – Activities: Indoor/Outdoor play; Yoga/Zumba, Nature Adventures, Sledding, Relay Races, Scavenger Hunt, Winter Golf, Sleigh/Wagon Rides

Big Kids – Activities: Indoor /Outdoor play; Yoga/Zumba, Nature Adventures, Ice Skating, Bowling, Snow Shoeing, Sledding, Relay Races, Scavenger Hunt, Winter Golf, Sleigh/Wagon Rides 

Extreme Weather Activites: Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games and Movies 

*Safety of the children is our main priority.  We reserve the right to withhold a child from any activity if it's a concern. 

For local pricing and hours please call or email: 

Village Playschool​(208) 622-2288

Christmas Break Playschool 

Christmas Break Playschool Overview

12/21 12/22 12/23 12/24 12/25 12/26 12/27

Hunting for snowmen

Music/ story hour

Build a snowman

Arts &Crafts

Kids Yoga  

Ice Skating

Music/story hour

Arts &Crafts


Music/ story hour

Snow play

Arts& crafts


Music/ story hour

Winter Adventure Arts &Crafts

Horse drawn sleigh ride

What did Santa bring us?

Arts &Crafts

Ice Skating

Polar Bears for a day- games, stories, crafts & more!



Hot cocoa & story time


Daily schedule: Playschool open daily 9am-4pm

Daily schedule: Playschool open daily 9am-4pm

09:00am-   10:00am       registration, indoor play, crafts, snacks

10:00am-   11:30pm       morning outdoor activity

11:30pm-   12:00pm       story and music time

12:00pm-   01:30pm       lunch/ quiet time

01:30pm-   02:00pm       snacks, getting ready for outdoor activities

02:00pm-   03:30pm       afternoon outdoor activity

03:30pm-   04:00pm       crafts, pick-up


Daily activities: music, stories& games, indoor/outdoor play, yoga, arts& crafts

Extreme weather: yoga, music, stories& games, bowling, arts& crafts

Times & activities may change!!!


For reservations or more information:                                                                                  

Call: (208) 622-2288   Email:


Little Campers Winter Packing List

  • To ensure a good experience in our winter program we would recommend packing the following items:
  • Program releases filled, signed and return no later than the first day of enrollment
  • Snow boots , snow pants, jacket
  • Hat and mittens
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Sunscreen (face stick only)
  • Favorite toy or blanket –to help with transition
  • Lunch Box: 2 snacks and lunch (no camp lunch available, NO Nuts!)
  • Water Bottle
  • Helmets- for ice skating (one will be provided if needed for no additional cost)
  • Please label all your child’s belongings prior to drop-off
  • Additional items for toddlers:
  • Diapers and Wipes;



Sun Valley Health Policy

In our efforts to keep COVID-19 from spreading additional health measures will be added to our daily camp routine:

Social Distancing Strategies
• Camp capacity will be reduced by 30% with smaller group size;

• Each group will be provided with their own designated space for assembly. Same staff will remain with the same group each day, if possible;

• Children drop off/ pick-up will be located in front of the facility with no parents/legal guardians allowed inside the activity rooms. Drop-off times: 9am-9:45am; for early pick-up please coordinate, in advance with staff via email or text;

• Playground access will be restricted to Playschool enrollees only; Playground times will be staggered to limit the mixing of children;

• Groups will be kept separate for special activities such as ice skating, tennis, art, music, etc.
• Napping children: mats (or cots) will be spaced out as much as possible, ideally 6 feet apart. Children will be placed head to toe in order to further reduce the potential for viral spread. Please provide and label blankets/pillows for quiet/ nap time; 
• Idaho State COVID-19 travel regulations will be followed for each out of town camp requests;

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up
• Drop-off/pick-up station will be placed outside at the entrance to the building;

• Limited direct contact with the parents encouraged; please wear a face mask;

• Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will be provided next to sign-in/out sheets;

• Sanitizing wipes will be provided for cleaning pens/clip boards between each use;

• Staff will greet the children outside as they arrive and escort them to their activity groups. Staff will bring the children back to the pick-up station at the end of the day;

Playschool/Adventure Camp policies:


  • Because your child’s health is important to us, please let us know about any health problems and/or medication requirements. Sun Valley Playschool & Sun Valley Adventure Camp reserve the right to refuse any child due to illness to ensure the health of other children.


  • We have limited space available - reservations are recommended.
  • Walk-ins welcome depending on availability.


  • If your schedule changes and you do not need child care you have 48h to cancel your reservation. Late cancellation or no shows will be charged $50.

*Nap room not available