Safety Week


Safety Week

Know the Zone

Welcome to Safety Week at Sun Valley! While guest and employee safety have and always will be paramount to the Sun Valley Resort experience, this week we are working in collaboration with the National Ski Areas Association and their Safety Month initiative to help you Know the Zone in an effort to boost awareness of safety protocols and procedures on the mountain. We have selected five distinct mountain zones to highlight for Safety Week, and familiarizing yourself with each of these zones will ensure you and your family are prepared for a fantastic skiing or riding experience at Sun Valley. Scroll down to learn more about each of the five zones, and thank you for keeping it safe and under control so that each of our guests can feel comfortable and enjoy their time on the hill.

Slow Zone

Sun Valley Resort has numerous Slow and Family Zones on our mountain to ensure guest safety in congested areas and in areas that are designated for beginner skiers and riders looking to improve their skills. Watch the video below to learn more about why these zones are so important to our on-mountain safety efforts.

Loading Zone

Chairlift safety is crucial for you and your family to take full advantage of Sun Valley’s legendary terrain and amenities. In this video, we dive into the proper techniques for safely loading, riding, and unloading our lifts.  

Sunrise Zone

Our new Sunrise Zone, opening during the winter of 2020-2021, represents 380 acres of new, backcountry-style terrain for expert skiers and riders. Watch below to hear from Sun Valley Ski Patrol about why guests need to exercise good judgment and be extra cautious in this exciting and challenging zone, and CLICK HERE to learn more about the Sunrise expansion.

Uphill Zone

Many Sun Valley guests and locals love skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking up Bald Mountain outside of normal resort operating hours, and although traveling uphill inbounds is inherently safer than doing so in the backcountry, there are still hazards that exist. The below video discusses the proper way to travel uphill on Bald Mountain, and you can view our full uphill travel policy and trail map by clicking HERE.

Park Zone

Sun Valley terrain parks are an absolute blast for skiers and riders looking to push their limits and lock down new tricks, and it’s important to understand the rules and respect your fellow skiers and riders when sessioning the park. Watch below to get familiar with proper terrain park etiquette and behavior.