Summer Trails Report

Summer Trails Report
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Bald Mountain Notes

We look forward to opening for our 2017 summer season on June, 23rd.  See you in the mountains!!!



Current Conditions

15-20 Mph

Humidity: 42% · Barometer: 896mb

River Run - Bottom of Bald Mtn

8-16 Mph

Humidity: 79% · Barometer: 1006.1mb

6:37 am
8:34 pm
Lookout - Top of Bald Mtn

Trails & Lifts

Bald Mountain


Bald Mountain Summer

  •   Bald Mountain Trail - 5 Miles

    This trail is a favorite for hikers! With long traverses, the trail offers hikers plenty of shade as it weaves through stands of Douglas Firs. During hours of lift operations, enjoy a ride back down to River Run Plaza on the Christmas Lift and the Roundhouse Gondola. Plan at least three hours to get to the top if hiking. Uphill-only for bikes, this trail serves up its most challenging technical moves in the first two miles, then settles into a steep, consistent grade climb to the top of Bald Mountain. Multiple options for loops via French Connection, the Traverse Trail, and the Perimeter Trails (Broadway to either Warm Springs or Cold Springs).

    Mountain bike uphill traffic only. Hiking 2 way traffic.

  •   Broadway Trail - 2 Miles

    This high speed traverse on the backside of Bald Mountain's bowls offers stunning views of the surrounding Smoky and Pioneer mountains. Use Broadway to access to the new Lupine trail for laps on the upper mountain, or continue down to the Warm Springs and Cold Springs perimeter trails. During hours of lift operation be advised of the occasional group of hikers, and the rare uphill rider.

  •   Cold Springs Trail - 7 Miles

    The Cold Springs trail offers a sunny traverse across the backside of Bald Mountain highlighted by constant, rolling grade with some rocky sections. Following the traverse, the trail diverts into a fast, smooth wooded section down to the Cold Springs lift. Below the lift, the trail drops into a rocky gully followed by a fast, fire road descent to the bike path. Be advised of occasional uphill traffic on this trail.

  •   French Connection - 0.75 Miles

    A short, uphill-only connection used to loop the Bald Mountain and Traverse trails.

  •   Lookout Trail - 0.5 Miles

  •   Lower River Run Trail - 1.5 Miles

    Ridden uphill, this trail offer a mellow, shaded climb using stacked switchbacks, and connecting to the Upper River Run and Traverse trails. Also popular as an out-and-back, this trail offers a fun descent used recently during USAC Nationals and the Ride Sun Valley Enduro. When riding this trail downhill, be advised of uphill traffic.

    The River Run trail is closed for gondola cable splicing through June 17th.

  •   Round House Lane - 1.8 Miles
  •   Warm Springs Perimeter Trail - 5.5 Miles

    A classic all-mountain experience! The Warm Springs Trail offers a roller coaster ride through the wooded backside of Bald Mountain. A half mile climb to Little America Point is a welcome rest before the trail heads downhill through the trees burned in the 2007 Castle Rock Fire. Back inside the ski area, a fast, shaded descent drops down to Warm Springs Plaza, returning to River Run Plaza along the bike path. Be advised of the occasional hiker or uphill rider as you near the bottom of the trail, particularly in the late afternoon.

  •   Warm Springs Traverse - 2 Miles

    A local biking favorite offers a gradual, shaded climb up the River Run Trail. Follow the Traverse Trail across classic Bald Mountain ski runs to the junction with the Warm Springs Trail. Finish with a shaded descent to Warm Springs Plaza. Not recommended for hiking.

  •   Lower Warm Springs Trail - 2.5 Miles
  •   Roundhouse Connector - 0.5 Miles
  •   Saddle Up Flow Trail - 3.4 Miles

    This downhill-only mountain bike trail features banked turns, rollers and jumps appealing to experienced mountain bikers. Riders finishing the trail at Roundhouse can either download on the Gondola or take the Christmas Lift back to the top of Bald Mountain to ride down one of the classic perimeter trails. Saddle Up closes daily at 4:00pm.

    Opens July 1st

  •   Lupine Flow Trail - 1.7 Miles

    Lupine is a downhill only mountain bike trail connecting the Broadway Trail to Saddle Up. A fast, flowing traverse with some optional airtime, this trail merges on o the final banked turns of Saddle Up before bringing riders back to the Christmas Lift. Riders finishing the trail at Roundhouse can either download on the Gondola or take the Christmas Lift back to the top of Bald Mountain to ride down one of the classic perimeter trails. Lupine closes at 4:00pm. 

    Opens July 1st

Bald Mountain Lifts
#02 Roundhouse Express CLOSED
#03 Christmas CLOSED

Lift Operating Hours

White Clouds

Last update: 2 hours and 33 minutes ago


White Clouds Trails

  •   Saddle Road Connector - 0.2 Miles
  •   Valley View Trail - 0.86 Miles
  •   Sunrise Loop - 1.09 Miles

    An excellent beginner hike or mountain bike ride! A short trip above the Lodge offers glimpses of the beauty surrounding Sun Valley.

  •   Sellgren's Trail - 2.24 Miles
  •   Elk Trail - 0.89 Miles
  •   Trail Creek Path - 1 Miles

White Clouds Notes

Valley View Loop is open for the season.

Small patches of snow remain, but our crews will be clearing the additional snow in the coming days.

The White Clouds Loop has significant snow on it still, and will likely be another 1-2 weeks before it is ready to open.

Thank you for your patience on this plentiful snow year!

Additional Trail Resources

BCRD - Summer Trail Link

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