After Hours Access


After Hours Access

Bald Mountain & Dollar Mountain After Hours Uphill/Downhill Policy

Check the Mountain Report for the Uphill Status, latest information and conditions before heading out on the mountain.

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Access Hours: 

  • During the winter skiing and riding season, after hours uphill travel is permitted on Bald Mountain only from 5am to 8am and from 5pm to 8pm. All after hours users must begin descending no later than 8am (morning use) or 8pm (evening use). Uphill hiking on Dollar Mountain is permitted outside of normal lift operating hours (typically from 4:15pm to 9am, weather and conditions permitting)
  • These hours may vary, and uphill travel may be subject to temporary closures due to weather, special events, maintenance, or other circumstances - check the Mountain Report or the Sun Valley app for updates before heading out, and please pay attention to signage at the River Run and Warm Springs base areas announcing any temporary closures.

Access Routes:

  • Uphill and downhill traffic on Bald Mountain must follow the three designated routes, marked with illuminated markers along the sides of the trails. These routes are highlighted in yellow on the below trail map.
  • Skiers and riders must stick to the sides of the trails while traveling both uphill and downhill during the designated after hours access periods and must not travel in groups wider than two abreast at any time.
  • Terrain Park Access is Closed to After Hours Access. If you'd like to ski or ride the parks, please do so when the lifts are running.
  • Skiers and riders must yield the right of way to and stay clear of all ski area machinery (groomers, snowmobiles, and snowmaking equipment). When encountering areas undergoing winch operations, users are required to turn around to avoid potentially unsafe situations.

Access Policies:

  • Users must wear a retroreflective item such as an armband, sash or vest, a headlamp and a blinking tail light at all times. Mountain Guest Services will have complimentary reflective armbands available.
  • Users must obey all posted signs and adhere to all trail and run closures.
  • Dogs are prohibited on Bald Mountain from November 1 through April 30.
  • Mountain bikes are not allowed on Bald Mountain from November 1 through April 30.
  • If you pack it in, please pack it out. Help us keep Bald Mountain clean for future users.
  • Users who are in violation of any part of Sun Valley's Bald Mountain uphill travel policy may be subject to removal and/or other penalties.
  • Outside of the winter skiing and riding season (when the resort is closed for skiing/riding), uphill travel on Bald Mountain is not monitored or patrolled. Guests may skin or hike uphill at their own risk.

Bald Mountain After Hours Uphill/Downhill Map

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River Run Uphill/Downhill Routes

  • From the River Run base area, travel up Lower River Run to the intersection with Olympic Lane. Take a left and follow Olympic Lane until you reach the top of the Roundhouse gondola, then veer right and continue on Roundhouse Lane. Roundhouse Lane then intersects Upper College at the top of Frenchman's chairlift. Take a left and travel up Upper College, which will take you to the top of Bald Mountain.                       

  • From the River Run base area, travel up Lower River Run past the base of Lookout Express, then veer right onto Sunset Strip. Sunset Strip gradually bends left and connects with Lower College. Follow Lower College to Upper College, which will take you all the way to the top of Bald Mountain.

Warm Springs Uphill/Downhill Route

  • Note: The Warm Springs route will be closed starting the morning of 4/10/23 for the Warm Springs Lift Enhancement Project

  • From the Warm Springs base area, follow Lower Warm Springs to the intersection with Maiden Lane. Take a left on Maiden Lane and travel until you reach Flying Squirrel. Continue up Flying Squirrel, which merges with Upper College at the top of Frenchman's chairlift. Continue on Upper College, which will take you to the top of Bald Mountain.

Dollar Mountain After Hours Uphill/Downhill Policy

We are continuing to offer the same after-hours uphill/downhill access on Dollar Mountain that has existed in years past. Uphill hiking is permitted outside of normal lift operating hours (typically from 4:15pm to 9am, weather and conditions permitting). There are no designated routes for after-hours access however the terrain must’ve been open the day prior (check the mountain report) and terrain parks are closed outside of operating hours. Access is permitted from Dollar Base and Elkhorn. Dogs are permitted on the mountain. We ask that guests please be considerate of others and clean up after their furry friends.

Sun Valley's uphill and downhill travel policy, approved by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), allows access for uphill and downhill travelers outside of operational hours. Uphill travel within ski area boundaries poses significant safety concerns for uphill and downhill recreationists, ski area operators, and staff. Sun Valley's policy reflects our commitment to seek a balance between mitigating safety concerns of uphill travel as a recreational use within the downhill ski area/Special Use Permit area and the resort has been granted a Special Use Permit from the USFS.

To protect the public from potential hazards that may exist from time to time, prior to the opening of the ski season, during the ski season, and after the closing of the ski season, the ski area is authorized, with USFS pre-approval, to close areas subject to potential safety hazards and to post signs at uphill access points announcing the closure of those areas.

Sun Valley continues to work closely with the Ketchum Ranger DistrictSawtooth National Forest, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and local organizations to build awareness and provide public education regarding uphill travel and recreational uses. Our goal is to find a reasonable balance between user groups who share a common interest in recreating within the Sun Valley Special Permit area in a safe, non-confrontational, and sustainable manner.

All participants within the permit boundary are considered skiers and are subject to Idaho Statute title 6 chapter 11, 6-1106 Duties of Skiers.