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An oasis of holistic therapies for the spirit, mind, and body. The Spa at Sun Valley blends ancient healing rituals from around the world to awaken consciousness and restore well-being

Wellness & Healing

  • Immune Boost Massage
    A fully customizable massage designed to enhance the body's circulation and accelerate your body's natural immune response while inhalation of therapeutic essential oils help relieve body aches, chills, bronchial and sinus congestion, and overall discomfort.
    50 minutes 175.00
    80 minutes 250.00
  • Antara CBD Massage
    Antara, which means balance, captures the inner wisdom of the body to bring about profound healing. This CBD and arnica enhanced massage cares for tired muscles, soothes skin, and re-boots the mind.
    50 minutes 185.00
    80 minutes 260.00
  • Acupuncture
    Promoting and restoring the balance of energy flowing throughout the body, our highly skilled practitioners help address a wide variety of conditions, from boosting immunity, relieving travel fatigue and altitude sickness, speed recovery from illness/surgery, calm emotional distress and rebalancing physiological responses to daily stressors
    50 minutes 160.00
    80 minutes 235.00
  • Cupping Massage Therapy
    Discover the healing benefits of this ancient therapy. Specially designed cups create suction to the skin to stimulate circulation, lymphatic flow, relieve pain and release tense muscles.
    50 minutes 160.00
  • Reflexology
    This therapy focuses on pressure points within the reflex zones of your feet, hands or face to bring balance to the body and activate the reflexes improving circulation and providing deep relaxation. Wonderful as a supplement to any spa service or alone. *25 minute must be added to a 50 or 80 minute service
    25 minutes 75.00
    50 minutes 150.00
  • Craniosacral
    This form of energy work therapy works by optimizing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, a vital fluid that nourishes and protects the nervous system and brain. This gentle, light-touch therapy shifts the mind and body into a mode of rest and recovery – the antithesis of stress. In this service the healing potential of quiet and stillness of body and mind is explored.
    50 minutes 150.00
  • Healing Vibrations Massage
    Find balance as this unique sensory experience plays Himalayan singing bowls on and around the body using the power sound healing to induce a state of absolute serenity, profound relaxation and increased vitality. *Please wear comfortable clothing.
    50 minutes 160.00
  • Reiki
    This treatment combines the healing properties of pressure-point foot massage and energy-balancing reiki, channeling a healing energy as you slip into a deeper state of relaxation
    50 minutes 160.00
  • Infrared Heat Therapy
    Using the body's natural cooling system, this natural heat therapeutic body treatment uses Far Infrared Heat Energy (FIR) that penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources to target & release toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the surface of the skin. Unlike traditional body wraps, the Infrared Body Wrap does not use mud or liquid. Please wear comfortable clothing
    50 minutes 75.00

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