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Summertime is trail time. Pedaling in Sun Valley means easy access to more than 30 miles of paved, car-free bike paths, plus hundreds of miles of singletrack mountain bike trails. A trip to world-famous Bald Mountain is as easy as a gondola ride; from the summit, you can stroll the meadows or challenge yourself to a full day on the trails. If you need gear to rent, Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports is ready to help, offering equipment, guided tours, rentals or just some local savvy.


Biking & Hiking Mountain Guide


Bike Rentals

Mountain Bikes 1/2 Day 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
Kona/Norco Downhill
Available only at Bald Mtn. Includes lift ticket.
N/A $129 $258 $387
Full Suspension XC $41 $51 $98 $141
Front Suspension $25 $35 $67 $97
Road Bikes 1/2 Day 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
Cervelo Road Bike $51 $61 $117 $168
Hybrid/Road Bike $25 $35 $67 $97
Electric Assist Road Bike $75 $99 $190 $273
Bike Path Bikes 1/2 Day 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
Tandem $41 $51 $98 $141
Comfort Bike $25 $35 $67 $97
Kids Bikes 1/2 Day 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
Big Kids Bike (24" wheel) $17 $21 $40 $58
Small Kids Bike $15 $19 $36 $52
Extras 1/2 Day 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
Trailer $15 $19 $36 $52
Tag-along $15 $19 $36 $52
Stroller/Jogger $15 $19 $36 $52


Prices subject to change. Insurance recommended for all bikes. All Rentals include helmet & lock. Full day rentals due back by 10 pm. 1/2 Day rentals are for any 4 hour period.


Bike Tuning Services


The Overhaul$149.95Includes a superior clean, drivetrain lube, wheel true, gear adjust, brake adjust, tire pressure check, headset adjust, cable and housing replacement, hub repack, and bottom bracket repack.
The Major$69.95Includes a superior clean, drivetrain lube, wheel true, gear adjust, brake adjust, tire pressure check, headset adjust.
The Minor$49.95Includes drivetrain lube, gear adjust, brake adjust, tire pressure check, headset adjust.
Individual Repairs
Flat Tire Repair$9.95 Each plus new tube
Bike Wash$24.95A clean bike is a happy bike
Bike Pack & Ship$199.95 


All repairs will be ready 24 hours after drop off or sooner unless special parts are needed. Rates do not include parts unless otherwise stated. Tax Not Included. Prices subject to change.

Family Biking on a Bike Path

First Timer's Guide To Biking

The Bald Mountain and White Clouds trails encompass very diverse landscape. It is important to understand the different terrain offered in order to use it safely alongside all other mountain guests.

What Are the Different Types of Trails?

Downhill mountain biking trails are generally rough and steep (and downhill only), made for intermediate to advanced riders. They often require body protection like kneepads and a full-face helmet with goggles due to the extreme nature of the sport.

  • "Freeride" downhill trails, or "flow trails," are generally a smoother, wider riding surface, made for high speeds (identified by the orange pill symbol). They can include man-made jumps, sweeping banked corners, rollers, and berms.
  • "Technical" downhill trails have a narrower and more rugged trail surface, with natural features like roots, rocks, and other elements. While they are built for slower speeds, they still require a lot of technical riding skill, control, and ability.
  • Cross-country (XC) mountain biking trails often include longer point-topoint riding or loops, including climbs and descents on miles of varied terrain. These trails require more endurance, stamina, and preparation for a sustained ride.
What to Bring, Wear & Know Before You Go
  • Bring: trail map, food and water, spare tube/pump/tire lever, bicycle multi-tool, extra layers (check the weather), and cell phone
  • Wear: proper helmet, appropriate footwear, bike gloves, knee and elbow protection, sunscreen, and proper eyewear
  • Know: Bald Mountain trails are technical & rugged (good physical condition & experience recommended), not all trails are patrolled or swept, stay off service roads, and know how to repair a flat tire


Ask An Expert

Questions about a hike, ride or trail? Send us an email we'll gladly respond.


To make arrangements or inquire about additional mountain or road biking in the area contact the friendly staff at Pete Lane's.

(208) 622-2279

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