Fly Fishing


Fly Fishing


Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Sun Valley is an angler's paradise, where crystal-clear mountain streams and pristine lakes create the perfect backdrop for casting your line.


  • Sun Valley is renowned for its exceptional fly fishing rivers and streams, including the Big Wood River, Silver Creek, and the Wood River.
  • Anglers can relish the stunning natural landscapes, from alpine meadows to forested riverbanks, providing a picturesque setting for fishing.


One look at the waters surrounding Sun Valley and even the most casual fisherman will start to yearn for a rod. Stop into Silver Creek Outfitters*, a Valley icon for more than 45 years, for expert guides, a pro retail staff and a wide array of superior gear.

For more information about the store, to inquire about special events and sales, to see our hatch charts, or to subscribe to the weekly Fishing Report.

* Silver Creek Outfitters is a third-party partner and not affiliated with Sun Valley Resort.


Monday - Saturday, 8am - 6pm
Sunday, 8am - 5pm


The Town of Ketchum

Located in the heart of Ketchum, right on Main Street.

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