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One thing you’ll never run out of in Sun Valley is options. With nearly 400 miles of singletrack and 30 miles of paved, car-free trails ranging from fast and smooth to technical and challenging or just plain striking, we’ve got trails for whatever you’re seeking. Challenge yourself at events like the Dollar Mountain 10K Trail Run, the Backcountry Run and the Harriman Trail 10-Mile Run. Not sure where to start? Expert staff, a full selection of gear and good advice are all readily dispensed at Pete Lane’s Outdoor Adventure Center.

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Guided Hiking

  • Proctor Mountain Hike

    Starting at $100

    Hike a local's favorite! Enjoy beautiful views of Bald Mountain and Sun Valley Resort. Our enthusiastic guides will share their knowledge of wildflowers, wildlife and history of the surrounding area. 2 hours, $100 for 1-2 people. $20 for each additional person.

  • Roundhouse Hike

    Starting at $100

    Take in the best views of the valley! Ride the gondola to The Roundhouse then hike to the top of Bald Mountain at 9,150 ft. Once you summit, relax and enjoy the spectacular vistas of the surrounding mountain ranges. Choose to hike back to the gondola, or catch a lift on the Christmas chair. End with lunch on The Roundhouse deck or ride the gondola back to the base. 2 hours, $100 for 1-2 people. $20 for each additional person. Price does not include the cost of a lift ticket.

  • Baldy Blast Hike

    Starting at $200

    Test your stamina by hiking all the way to the top of Bald Mountain! Enjoy the diversity of the terrain and stunning views as you gain over 3,000 feet of elevation. After you’ve conquered the mountain, relax on the chairlift ride back down, soaking up the views and celebrating your climb. If you’ve worked up an appetite, consider stopping off at The Roundhouse, perched halfway up Bald Mountain, for lunch or refreshments on the deck. 3 hours, $200 for 1-2 people. $20 for each additional person.

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